Brazil, other competitors aim to win U.S export markets

For the past few weeks, Agri-Pulse has been running a series of indepth articles about agricultural trade. Here’s the fourth article. Links to the first three are at the bottom of this page.

From Agri-Pulse

You won’t find any tourists in the muddy, mosquito-ridden town of Barcarena in Brazil’s state of Pará, but you can’t miss the almost constant parade of trucks pulling in and out of port facilities under the scorching sun or torrential rainfall on the country’s northern coast.

Leaking soybeans and corn, tarp-covered trucks try to avoid potholes the size of refrigerators as drivers are either delivering the crops to the port or taking them off barges to silos where the grain and oilseeds will wait before being shipped to Mexico, China, Europe and elsewhere around the globe. Read the rest of the article here.

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