Battle lines drawn in Washington over new wells

From the Capital Press The Washington Supreme Court’s ruling in Whatcom County vs. Hirst could shut down rural homebuilding statewide, a lobbyist for farm groups and other water users said Thursday at a House hearing. “The more I listen to people discuss the Hirst case, the more convinced I am that there will be no growth in the rural area ... Read More »

Government confirms no GE wheat in commercial supplies

From NAWG In a statement published Dec. 1, 2016, it was announced that, after a thorough examination regarding the genetically engineered (GE) wheat detection in Washington state, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has closed its fact finding. The agency also said it found no evidence of GE wheat in commerce. NAWG and ... Read More »

Ag industry gears up for 14-week river closure

From the Capital Press Ag industry representatives say they’re as ready as possible for an upcoming 14-week closure of the Columbia/Snake river system that carries their goods overseas. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is closing the river from Dec. 12 through March 20. The extended closure allows the corps to make repairs at six dams on the river system, ... Read More »

FAQs on WSU wheat and barley research and royalties

From Washington State University breeds cereals for diverse climates in Washington, with a focus on locally important resistance traits and high standards while training the next generation of plant breeders. The cereal breeding industry is changing rapidly. Public breeding programs need adequate financial resources to remain viable. For the past four years, WSU wheat and barley research has been ... Read More »

RMA responds to WAWG’s request

Back in September, the wheat industry organizations from Washington, Oregon and Idaho sent a letter to Brandon Willis, administrator of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency (RMA), asking the agency to waive rules that require elevators to report falling number discounts that will be used against a producer’s yield, especially when no crop insurance claim is being filed. On ... Read More »

WAWG members show public support of Snake River dams

With recent scoping meetings on the Columbia River operating systems, Washington Association of Wheat (WAWG) growers have shown their support by submitting letters to the editor to various newspapers. The following was submitted by Bob Walli, Adams County wheat grower and WAWG board member. Dear Editor, With the renewed interest in the Columbia River Operating System, this is a great opportunity ... Read More »

The rivers of Northwestern life

From the Capital Press A federal judge in Portland has asked residents of the Pacific Northwest to comment on the impact of the Columbia and Snake rivers. We’re glad he asked. All he has to do is turn on a light in his office, have lunch and take a walk around Portland to understand the rivers’ direct contributions to him ... Read More »

WAWG welcomes new elected 2016/17 officers

At the Washington Association of Wheat Growers annual awards banquet, the 2016-17 officers were nominated and elected into office. We would like to congratulate the new slate of officers! Ben Adams, President (Coulee City, Wash.) Marci Green, Vice President (Fairfield, Wash.) Jeff Shawver, Secretary/Treasurer (Connell, Wash.) Kevin Klein, Past President (Edwall, Wash.) Read More »

WAWG opposes breaching Snake River dams

Released November 17, 2016 As scoping meetings on the federal Columbia River Power System continue throughout the region, The Washington Association of Wheat growers reiterates its opposition to any consideration of breaching the Snake River dams. The Snake River dams are part of the Columbia-Snake River System, a 465-mile river waterway that is the top wheat export gateway in the ... Read More »

Fallout over water ruling heats up in Washington

From the Capital Press Several senators criticized Tuesday a recent Washington Supreme Court decision that threatens to halt home building in farm communities and said they will try to counteract the decision in the upcoming legislative session. “It’s totally ridiculous, what’s going on. It’s killing rural America,” said Republican Sen. Brian Dansel, who represents the state’s sparsely populated northeastern corner. ... Read More »