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Washington Grain Crop Progress & Condition For The Week Ending Sept. 28, 2014

Fall planting underway in Washington

Days suitable for fieldwork were 6.7. Pasture and range conditions were reported to be 16% very poor, 25% poor, 37% fair, 20% good and 2% excellent. In Western Washington, cool and rainy conditions were reported providing much needed soil moisture that had been depleted by summer dry conditions. The rain slowed down much of the field work in some areas. Harvesting of sweet corn was in full swing; gourds, squash, and pumpkins were ripe and ready for fresh market sales. Dairy producers continued to harvest corn for silage. In Eastern Washington, apple harvest continued. Rainfall was welcomed by dryland farmers while rainfall helped winter wheat seedlings. Grape growers on the other hand lost nearly two harvesting days due to rain. Farmers’ market began to close after a successful season. Winter wheat emerged and appeared to be in good condition. Reports in the east central district indicated much needed moisture with the continuation of drought conditions. Potato and corn harvest were in full swing. Both timothy and alfalfa harvest were doing well. The storage onion harvest was at its early stages with late sweet corn still being processed. Livestock returned to winter pastures and continued to be in good condition.

Crop Progress

Crop Activity

Percent Completed

This Week

Last Week


5 Yr. Avg.

Winter wheat planted 66 57 64 71
Winter wheat emerged 35 NA 40 48


Crop Condition


% Acreage






Winter Wheat  - - - - -
Spring Wheat - - - - -
Barley - - - - -
VP=Very Poor  P=Poor  F=Fair  G=Good  EX=Excellent
*Crop conditions are a measurement of the growing conditions 
and are not indicative of the quality of the crop produced.


Soil Moisture


Very Short (%)

Short (%)

Adequate (%)

Surplus (%)

Topsoil moisture 19 37 43 1
Subsoil moisture 21 42 36 1



Information Courtesy of AWIS. Report released Sept. 29, 2014

Washington State University USDA USDA/NASS- Washington Field Office
Cooperative Extension Service Farm Service Agency Christopher Mertz
Richard Koenig Judith Olson NW Regional Director
Dean/Director, WSU Extension State Executive Director