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Washington Grain Crop Progress & Condition For The Week Ending July 20, 2014

Extensive, uncontrolled wildfires threatened crops

Days suitable for fieldwork were 6.9. Pasture and range conditions were reported to be 3% very poor, 19% poor, 44% fair, 28% good, and 6% excellent. In Chelan County extensive and uncontrolled wildfires scorched the edges of numerous fruit tree orchards. The fire had not been contained so no damage assessment had yet been made. Due to the fire, some regional fruit packing houses lost electrical power and fruit was diverted to alternate facilities. Other area fires in Douglas County burned range and pasture land, as well as some winter wheat crop. Livestock fencing was also destroyed, but no current reports of livestock losses. In Yakima Valley, average temperatures were warmer than usual with a high temperature of 107 degrees with no precipitation. Producers were using cooling operations to protect crops from the heat. No crop loss was reported. Hot and dry weather also prevailed in Whitman County with a high temperature of 105 degrees with no precipitation. Strong winds aided a fire in cropland over the weekend, burning about 1,000 acres. In Lincoln County, thunderstorms earlier in the week brought almost an inch of rain to some areas, but the effects were very spotty, and the majority only saw lightning with no precipitation. The areas that received rain also received some small hail which may have damaged some winter wheat.

Crop Progress

Crop Activity

Percent Completed

This Week

Last Week


5 Yr. Avg.

Winter wheat harvested 15 3 8 5


Crop Condition


% Acreage






Winter Wheat  8 22 46 21 3
Spring Wheat 7 26 47 19 1
Barley 5 13 57 25 -
VP=Very Poor  P=Poor  F=Fair  G=Good  EX=Excellent
*Crop conditions are a measurement of the growing conditions 
and are not indicative of the quality of the crop produced.


Soil Moisture


Very Short (%)

Short (%)

Adequate (%)

Surplus (%)

Topsoil moisture 22 46 31 1
Subsoil moisture 16 47 36 1



Information Courtesy of AWIS. Report released July 21, 2014

Washington State University USDA USDA/NASS- Washington Field Office
Cooperative Extension Service Farm Service Agency Christopher Mertz
Richard Koenig Judith Olson NW Regional Director
Dean/Director, WSU Extension State Executive Director