Crop progress report 06/09: Washington grass, hay progressed nicely


There were 6.4 days suitable for fieldwork in Washington last week, down from 6.6 the previous week.

Rainfall was plentiful late last week throughout northwestern Washington, with rain in Clallam, Jefferson, King, San Juan and Skagit counties. In Snohomish County, rain knocked down some fall triticale, and low-lying fields stayed very wet. Crops planted over Memorial Day weekend in Snohomish County appreciated the rain. Second cutting of grass began in Clallam, Jefferson, King and Snohomish counties. Jefferson County farmers finished their first cutting of hay. In San Juan County, pastures saw continued growth and maturation. Livestock were doing well on pasture, and orchards and CSA operations hummed along. Corn mazes and direct seed pumpkin patches were planted in Snohomish County. First cutting hay finished in Snohomish County with preparations for silage corn wrapping up as well. Despite the rain throughout northwestern Washington last week, precipitation levels were lower than historic levels.

Rain was heavy in Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania and Wahkiakum counties.

In Kittitas and Yakima counties, temperatures were generally cooler than average, and precipitation was minimal. Green onion and asparagus harvest continued in Yakima County, yet some growers let asparagus go to ferns. Vegetables were planted in Yakima County as well. Alfalfa and timothy hay were cut and dried. Early sweet cherries were fire-hydrant red and almost ready for harvest. Peach and apple thinning operations were underway.

In Franklin County, field and sweet corn planting slowed down, and the first cutting of alfalfa hay finished. Asparagus harvest finished in Franklin County too. Early morning frost occurred in Lincoln County. Wind in Adams, Lincoln, Columbia and Walla Walla counties prevented spraying, but crops looked good across southeast Washington.

Washington crop conditions:

Winter wheat:
0% very poor
3% poor
26% fair
62% good
9% excellent

Spring wheat:
0% very poor
1% poor
32% fair
58% good
9% excellent

0% very poor
0% poor
25% fair
65% good
10% excellent

0% very poor
0% poor
39% fair
60% good
1% excellent

Dry edible pea:
0% very poor
0% poor
8% fair
90% good
2% excellent

Washington crop progress:

Spring wheat emerged:
92% this week
86% last week
96% last year
98% 5-year average

Winter wheat headed:
76% this week
53% last week
85% last year
82% 5-year average

Barley emerged:
76% this week
70% last week
92% last year
94% 5-year average

Oats planted:
80% this week
7760% last week
NA last year
NA 5-year average

Oats emerged:
62% this week
3449% last week
80% last year
NA 5-year average

Dry peas emerged:
79% this week
742% last week
92% last year
95% 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 1st cutting:
66% this week
42% last week
7895% last year
78% 5-year average