Crop progress report 0602: Washington warmed up wonderfully


There were 6.6 days suitable for fieldwork in Washington last week, up from 5.5 the previous week.

Spotty rain showers crossed Whitman, Garfield and Asotin counties last week. The rain failed to reach all crops, so some grains were still too dry across all three counties. Pasture grasses were behind previous years. With high temperatures in the mid 80s in Garfield and Asotin counties, rye bloomed and winter wheat continued to head. Further northwest, Adams, Douglas and Lincoln counties had warmer temperatures than their early June average. This sped up growth for most area crops, but the heat also put stress on the winter wheat crop. In Douglas County, pest problems persisted. Franklin County had good growing conditions last week, although temperatures were also unseasonably warm towards the weekend. Sweet corn planting progress continued, while second cropping of hay fields began. Cherries turned, and asparagus harvest slowed.

Yakima County had more precipitation than previous years. Crop damage and livestock loss concerns were minimal. Hay farmers in Klickitat County were disappointed by nightly showers that delayed their first cuttings of alfalfa.

In western Washington, dry weather brought more field work. Potato and corn planting finished in Island, San Juan and Skagit counties. Only late-season crop planting was left. In Snohomish County, good weather brought tractors out. Soil and crop conditions were strong, except where rain damaged crops two weeks ago. First grass cutting finished in Snohomish and Jefferson counties, and some growers replanted corn due to fertilizer damage. In Whatcom County, strawberry harvest began, and raspberries excelled during ideal growing conditions.

Washington crop conditions:

Winter wheat:
0% very poor
2% poor
25% fair
64% good
9% excellent

Spring wheat:
0% very poor
0% poor
41% fair
50% good
9% excellent

0% very poor
0% poor
33% fair
53% good
14% excellent

0% very poor
0% poor
38% fair
58% good
4% excellent

Dry edible pea:
0% very poor
3% poor
19% fair
64% good
14% excellent

Washington crop progress:

Spring wheat emerged:
86% this week
77% last week
93% last year
95% 5-year average

Winter wheat headed:
53% this week
22% last week
66% last year
64% 5-year average

Barley planted:
95% this week
83% last week
99% last year
98% 5-year average

Barley emerged:
70% this week
62% last week
82% last year
91% 5-year average

Oats planted:
76% this week
70% last week
95% last year
NA 5-year average

Oats emerged:
44% this week
39% last week
72% last year
NA 5-year average

Dry peas planted:
95% this week
84% last week
100% last year
98% 5-year average

Dry peas emerged:
74% this week
62% last week
81% last year
NA 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 1st cutting:
72% this week
33% last week
75% last year
65% 5-year average