Crop progress report 10/29: Washington harvest wrapping up


There were 5.5 days suitable for field work last week. Pasture and range conditions were reported at 26 percent very poor, 24 percent poor, 28 percent fair and 22 percent good. A low temperature of 20 degrees F was reported in the northeast region, while a high temperature of 72 degrees F was reported in the southeast region. Statewide temperature differentials ranged from average to 10 degrees above average.

Hay producers in western Washington were chopping and reseeding fields. Corn production was low in the southwestern region. Frost was reported near Amboy. There were two fires this month in forestland. Almost all vegetables and fruits were harvested around the Puget Sound. Potatoes, carrots and beets were undersized due to a wet spring in Jefferson County. Snohomish County had reports of blight and mildew on tomatoes and pumpkins. Hay had a high yield. The last of the grass silage was scraped from the fields. Almost all corn silage fields were disked and seeded with winter rye cover crop.

Vegetable producers in San Juan County pulled winter-stored crops and cleaned up orchards. Soil was moist, with moisture about to sink into subsoil. The majority of crops in Skagit County were harvested.

Wheat in Chelan and Douglas counties had not fully emerged due to lack of moisture. Canola had good emergence, but heavy frost earlier in the month knocked it back. Late variety apples were still being harvested. Inclement weather between frost and the poor spring impacted cherry quality. Fire blight ramped up, impacting trees in both counties.

Klickitat County had rainstorms and heavy winds over the weekend. Winter wheat emerged more consistently. A few dry bean fields in Adams County were waiting to be dried out and were not yet harvested. The Palouse received some moisture.

Washington crop conditions:

Winter wheat:
0% very poor
1% poor
26% fair
62% good
11% excellent

Washington crop progress:

Winter wheat planted:
93% this week
92% last week
91% last year
94% 5-year average

Winter wheat emerged:
65% this week
53% last week
73% last year
73% 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 4th cutting:
79% this week
77% last week
94% last year
97% 5-year average