Crop progress report 11/05: Wind, rain across Washington


There were 5.0 days suitable for field work last week. Pasture and range conditions were reported at 23 percent very poor, 30 percent poor, 30 percent fair, 16 percent good and 1 percent excellent. A low temperature of 26 degrees F was reported in the northeast and east central regions, while a high temperature of 73 degrees F was reported in the southeast region. Statewide temperature differentials ranged from 3 to 12 degrees above average.

Cover crops continued to be planted in western Washington. Many producers finished winterizing their fields. Grass was still being chopped. Cows were still on pasture. Jefferson County was unseasonably warm, which helped the cover crops and confused the daffodils. Farm activity was limited due to rain, but cover crops were planted. More rain in San Juan County helped soil moisture rebound. The last of the CSA crops and orchard fruits were harvested.

Skagit County producers were caught with crops still in the ground. While inches of rain poured down, standing water was present in crop rows. All of the corn silage in Snohomish County was in bunkers, and winter rye cover crop sprouted.

Chelan and Douglas counties had high winds. Livestock were still out in pastures since there was no snow cover yet. Pasture conditions were poor in Klickitat County. Winter wheat emerged. Nighttime temperatures in Yakima County dropped to freezing, but the area had not had a hard frost yet. Most vegetable crops were harvested, and many fields were cleaned up and tilled under. Soil moisture in Pend Oreille and Spokane counties improved last week due to increased rain. Wind and rain in Lincoln County resulted in patchy winter wheat emergence. Rain in Douglas County changed the soil moisture profile.

Washington crop conditions:

Winter wheat:
0% very poor
1% poor
42% fair
46% good
11% excellent

Washington crop progress:

Winter wheat planted:
98% this week
93% last week
98% last year
97% 5-year average

Winter wheat emerged:
80% this week
65% last week
81% last year
80% 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 4th cutting:
82% this week
79% last week
NA last year
NA 5-year average