Facts about crop insurance in Washington state

Compiled by the Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau

  • Almost 3 million acres of cropland were covered by insurance in Washington in 2016, not including policies for livestock.
  • More than $3 billion in ag liability was protected by crop insurance in Washington in 2016, including coverage for: livestock (through the Livestock Gross Margin or LGM policy); nurseries; diversified farms through Whole Farm Revenue protection; and a variety of fruits and vegetables including 231,537 acres of dry peas, 124,228 acres of apples, 22,002 acres of onions and 56,936 acres of grapes.
  • There are 13 companies and approximately 750 agents licensed to sell crop insurance in Washington state. Additionally, numerous adjusters evaluate crop insurance claims in Washington. Each of these sectors represent good-paying jobs and ensure top-notch service to Washington’s 37,000 farms.
  • In 2016, almost $66 million in indemnities were paid to Washington farmers for losses they incurred above and beyond their deductibles, which are on average 25 percent of the value of the crop. Washington farmers paid an estimated $60 million for this coverage.