KSU releases 2016-17 national ARC-CO projections

From Kansas State University

Risk Management Agency (RMA) county yields used for the Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) have been released. RMA splits all of its county yields between irrigated and nonirrigated yields so a combined yield is estimated for counties that have a combined (ALL) ARC-CO payment.

Estimated ARC-CO payments for 2016/17 are derived from Kansas State University estimated Marketing Year Average (MYA) Prices found HERE and NASS county yields, if available, otherwise RMA reported county yields. Values will be updated each month as more county yields and prices are released.  The 2016/17 payment will be paid in the fall on 85 percent of the base acres only. No adjustments were made for any sequestration cuts or for crops planted on nonbase acres.

For the interactive map showing county detail by state and additional information on the calculation process, click HERE.