National Wheat Foundation guest blog: Alex McGregor on the importance of trade

Hi, I’m Alex McGregor of The McGregor Company, a seventy- year old family fertilizer and crop protection enterprise, and of McGregor Land and Livestock, a ranch where we have raised wheat and livestock since pioneer days. (Editor’s note: Alex McGregor is a longtime advocate of agriculture in Eastern Washington. He served as president of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers in 1997/98.)

I first became involved in political advocacy thirty-three years ago in 1985, the days when wheat was piled everywhere, interest rates were high, and challenges were aplenty. I was asked by Rep. Tom Foley to testify before Congress, a big deal for a young guy.  It went okay until I was challenged by an irascible senator from the rust belt about why I was so focused on wheat exports and knew so little about the challenges of the steel industry. I was apoplectic but then said to myself, “Alex, you don’t have to take that. Remember, you were in the top four of your graduating class at Hooper School!” It was a class of four in a two-room country school, to be sure. But that bit of levity broke the spell for me, and I vowed to help give ‘em both barrels every chance I got. Read the rest of Alex’s entry here.