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Stripe rust update 06/14: Disease pressure low in Eastern Washington

By Dr. Xianming Chen In the western Pacific Northwest (PNW), especially northwestern Washington, winter wheat ranged from kernel watery ripe (Feekes 10.54) to soft dough (Feekes 11.2) and spring wheat from stem extension (Feekes 7) to heading (Feekes 10.3). Stripe rust has been severe as normal. We completed the stripe rust data collection on winter crop nurseries and the first ... Read More »

Stripe rust update 5/29: Stripe rust developing in experimental fields in Palouse region

By Dr. Xianming Chen This morning, I was checking fields in the Palouse region. Winter wheat was at boot to heading stages (Feekes 10-10.3). Stripe rust was found in all of our experimental winter wheat fields around Pullman, Wash. Rust appeared in small foci of mostly 5-10 stems, except one row entirely infected. Most foci had rust on leaves from bottom ... Read More »

Stripe rust report 0509: Stripe rust found in Franklin County

By Dr. Xianming Chen Yesterday, we were checking wheat fields in Whitman, Garfield, Columbia, Walla Walla and Franklin counties in Washington and Umatilla County in Oregon. Winter wheat ranged from early jointing (Feekes 5) to heading (Feekes 10). Stripe rust was found in several locations. At Central Ferry in Garfield County, severe stripe rust was found on squirreltail (wild rye) ... Read More »

Stripe rust update 0502: Stripe rust found in Lind, but not in Palouse region

By Dr. Xianming Chen Last week, we were planting spring nurseries and recording the first set of stripe rust data in winter nurseries at Mount Vernon (Skagit Co.) in northwestern Washington. Winter wheat plants were at Feekes 5-7 and barley plants were at Feekes 6-7. Stripe rust reached 60-80 percent severity on susceptible wheat varieties and 20-40 percent severity on ... Read More »

Stripe rust report 0418: Current stripe rust pressure is low

By Dr. Xianming Chen On Wednesday, we were checking wheat fields in Whitman, Lincoln, Douglas, Grant, Adams, Franklin, Benton and Walla Walla counties of Washington. Winter wheat crops ranged from Feekes 3 to 6.  No rust was found in any commercial fields in these counties. Even in the field of Grant County in which stripe rust was found quite easily ... Read More »

Stripe rust update 0322: Stripe rust likely low this year in eastern PNW

by Dr. Xianming Chen This unusual winter appears over, and spring comes late but suddenly. Based on the forecast models, we predict that stripe rust will potentially cause yield loss of 16 percent on highly susceptible varieties. This level is much lower than the 38 percent forecasted in January due to the cold February. Based the current forecast, stripe rust will likely ... Read More »

First stripe rust report for 2019 calls for normal levels

From Dr. Xianming Chen Field survey in November 2018  On Nov. 16, 2018, our crew was checking winter wheat fields in Whitman, Lincoln, Adams, Grant and Douglas counties in Eastern Washington and found two leaves with stripe rust in only one field in Grant County near the border with Lincoln County. Wheat plants in that field were at Feekes 4. The ... Read More »

Stripe rust season: ‘A good year for farmers’

From the Capital Press The level of stripe rust in Pacific Northwest wheat fields this year mirrored earlier predictions of a normal year, said Xianming Chen, a USDA Agricultural Research Service research geneticist in Pullman, Wash. Read the rest of the story here. Read More »

Stripe rust report 06/16

By Dr. Xianming Chen In the Pacific Northwest, most fields of winter wheat have passed the flowering stage, and some winter wheat fields have reached the ripening stage. In general, winter wheat crops are in good condition and stripe rust is under control. In contrast, stripe rust has developed to the highest severity level on susceptible varieties in our experimental ... Read More »

Stripe rust update 0601: Stripe rust is low in Palouse

By Xianming Chen Last week, we were checking wheat fields in Whitman County of Washington and Latah County of Idaho. Winter wheat ranged from boot (Feekes 10) to flowered (Feekes 10.53). Crops in most fields were in excellent condition. Stripe rust was found in few commercial winter wheat fields in very low incidence (less than <0.1 percent). Most of the ... Read More »