WSDA determining effects of TPP without U.S.

From the Capital Press

The Washington State Department of Agriculture is trying to determine the impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership proceeding without the U.S.

“We’re still figuring out what that impact is, and how quickly those competitive disadvantages will emerge,” said Derek Sandison, WSDA director. “How much time do we have to find a solution before we actually are having real, tangible impacts — in terms of how much more tariffs we’re paying than our competitors?”

The U.S. wheat industry estimates the tariff alone will create a $200 million annual disadvantage in Japan by the time the trade deal is fully implemented in nine years.

The department is working with various commodity organizations to get a sense of what they’ve heard and know, Sandison said. The state is using its connections with USDA to assess what they’re seeing. Read the rest of the story here.