2021 National Wheat Yield Contest


The 2021 National Wheat Yield Contest is open for registration. The contest offers growers the opportunity to compete with their peers across the United States and learn from each other’s innovative techniques to improve wheat productivity.

The Contest National Awards will be determined on two levels to improve the competitiveness of the contest:

  1. Yield basis with no regard for USDA county averages. The contest will select the highest yielding entry from each state for each category. From this group of entries, national winners will be selected based on the highest yield.
  2. The percentage increase by which their measured yield exceeds the most recent 5-year olympic county average, published annually by USDA. This level is the same as in the past years. It serves to level the playing field for those growers producing wheat in low yielding regions.

(Each grower can only win one national award as in past years.)

A grain sample from each contest entry will again be required to determine the quality of wheat produced under high yield management practices used in this wheat yield contest. Without maintaining a focus on quality in the contest, growers will not be able to maximize their return and improve productivity. The submission of grain sample will be a requirement to qualify for national recognition, and it is recommended to ship them as soon as the yield plot is harvested to preserve sample integrity.

The contest features two primary competition categories: winter wheat and spring wheat, plus two subcategories: dryland and irrigated. There are 24 national award opportunities for wheat growers.

For more information and to download an entry form visit the National Wheat Foundation’s website.

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