The Washington Grain Commission (WGC), effective July 27, 2009, was created through state legislation by merging the Washington Wheat Commission (WWC) and the Washington Barley Commission (WBC). The WWC and WBC were originally created by producers in 1958 and 1985, respectively, to fund industry self-help programs through assessments on each bushel of wheat and barley sold.

The Washington Grain Commission is a self-governing agency of the State of Washington. The WGC enhances the profitability of Washington wheat and barley growers and meets ever-increasing market demands by:

  • Strengthening existing markets and developing new markets for PNW small grains
  • Encouraging and supporting research to optimize grower, buyer and end user benefits
  • Promoting and providing education

The WGC board of directors is made up of eleven members, including seven producer members representing 20 eastern Washington counties, three representatives of allied industries, and one representative from the Washington State Department of Agriculture. The WGC allocates assessment funds to programs designed to enhance the production and marketing of Washington wheat and barley. Three major categories of funding include:

  • Market Development
  • Research
  • Education & Grower Services

The annual assessment on wheat in Washington is three-quarters of one percent of the net receipts at the first point of sale. The annual assessment on barley in Washington is one percent of the net receipts at the first point of sale.

Staff Contacts

Glen Squires
Chief Executive Officer

Mary Palmer Sullivan
Vice President

Scott Yates
Director of Communications & Producer Relations

Sheila McCrea
Finance & Administrative Specialist

Parker Dawson
Systems & Data Processing Specialist

Shari McCarthy
Receptionist/Account Specialist

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