ARC/PLC deadline quickly approaching

The ARC/PLC deadline is quickly approaching. Failure to make a valid election and enrollment for the 2022 program year by March 15, 2022, will result in ineligibility for the 2022 crop year payment. To complete election and enrollment, all signatures must be submitted by the March 15 deadline.

Important Note: There was some confusion in a previous announcement that if there is a failure to make an election for 2022, it would result in the farm defaulting to the election made in the 2021 program year. While it is true that the farm will default to the prior election if an election is not made by March 15th, the farm may also become ineligible for payments for the 2022 fiscal year as well if enrollment is not complete by the upcoming deadline. Election and enrollment are two separate actions that apply to all ARC/PLC contracts. All farms must complete enrollment, including all applicable signatures, by March 15, 2022. If you have already signed up for ARC/PLC and chose to modify your election, you may do so until the March 15th deadline.

Please contact your local FSA office to schedule an appointment today. Ensure all previously scheduled appointments are kept as resources and staff are limited at this time. REMEMBER, the financial health of your farming operation for 2022 may be greatly affected by failure to elect and enroll in ARC/PLC by the March 15 deadline.