Area in the Northwest Region Planted to Winter Wheat Up 1% from 2023

From the National Agricultural Statistics Service

Winter wheat acres planted in Washington are estimated at 1.85 million acres, up 50,000 acres from last year. Harvested area is forecast at 1.79 million acres, up 2% from 2023. Acres planted to winter wheat in Idaho are estimated at 750,000 acres, unchanged from last year. Harvested area is forecast at 690,000 acres, up 10% from 2023. In Oregon, acres planted to winter wheat are estimated at 730,000 acres, down 10,000 acres from the previous year. Acres to be harvested are forecast at 715,000 acres, down 1% from 2023. Nationally, winter wheat acres planted totaled 33.8 million acres, down 8% from last year. Harvested area is expected to total 25.8 million acres, up 5% from 2023. 

Spring wheat acres planted in the Northwest Region are up 4% from 2023. Washington spring wheat planted area at 490,000 acres, is down 10,000 acres from 2023. Idaho spring wheat planted acres increased from 410,000 acres in 2023 to 460,000 acres in 2024. 

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