Crop progress report 06/14: Rains across Washington bogged down western producers and aided eastern producers


There were 5.2 days suitable for fieldwork in Washington last week, down from the previous week’s 5.7 days.

Western Washington had precipitation and cool temperatures. Island, San Juan and Skagit counties had temperatures in the 60s with occasional sunshine. Some areas around the Puget Sound received more than two inches of rain. Some crops showed signs of stress due to the excessive moisture, and grass was not cut. Wet strawberry fields impeded U-pick clients. Whatcom County strawberry harvest continued. The final acres of corn were not planted. Apples, pears and plums continued to size-up in San Juan County. Clovers and legumes were abundant on forage fields.

Yakima County also remained cool and wet. By midweek, daytime high temperatures were in the low 80s. Early varieties of sweet cherries were arriving at packinghouses. Asparagus, snap peas and summer squash were coming in.

Pend Oreille and Spokane counties had scattered showers. Franklin County had mild temperatures with fair precipitation, including a thunderstorm. Timothy hay was in all stages of harvest, and many producers were caught in the rain taking their first cutting of hay. Fresh peas were harvested, while beans and sweet corn were planted. The rains distressed hay producers, but helped dryland wheat and Conservation Reserve Program producers.

Precipitation improved crop conditions in Adams and Lincoln counties. Many acres of winter wheat in Adams County were sprayed for stripe rust, but overall, the crop was in very good condition. The Palouse also had showers and cool temperatures that improved grain conditions, but halted hay cuttings.

Washington crop conditions:

Winter wheat:
0% very poor
2% poor
13% fair
61% good
24% excellent

Spring wheat:
0% very poor
5% poor
9% fair
65% good
21% excellent

0% very poor
6% poor
9% fair
64% good
21% excellent

0% very poor
0% poor
15% fair
65% good
20% excellent

Dried edible peas:
0% very poor
0% poor
11% fair
75% good
14% excellent

Washington crop progress:

Spring wheat headed:
29% this week
9% last week
9% last year
33% 5-year average

Winter wheat headed:
88% this week
72% last week
87% last year
90% 5-year average

Barley emerged:
93% this week
92% last week
87% last year
93% 5-year average

Barley headed:
46% this week
12% last week
12% last year
26% 5-year average12

Oats emerged:
80% this week
70% last week
64% last year
81% 5-year average

Oats headed:
28% this week
13% last week
1% last year
NA 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 1st cutting:
77% this week
72% last week
82% last year
85% 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 2nd cutting:
0% this week
0% last week
1% last year
6% 5-year average