Crop progress report 09/20: Smoke cleared throughout Washington


There were 6.6 days suitable for fieldwork in Washington last week, up from 6.0 days the previous week.

In western Washington, most fieldwork came to a halt or decreased due to the poor air quality from the wildfires. A couple of light rain events reduced the fire danger locally but did not provide the deep watering that was much needed. Days were cool due to the smoke inversion. Some tree fruit crops and vegetable crops struggled last week due to a lack of sunshine.

In Skagit County, the smoke was gone, and it was dry. In Snohomish County, the smoke put everything in stasis. The rains at the end of week perked up some fall vegetables and pastures. There were irregular rain totals across the county. Some areas received a lot, while other areas received very little.

In central Washington, air quality in Yakima County remained hazardous throughout most of the week, but finally cleared out over the weekend. Daytime highs remained in the mid-70s to low 80s. Nighttime lows were in the mid-40s and lower 50s. Apple harvest continued. Hop harvest was short of 50 percent complete despite harvest activities continuing through the night. Peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, melons and winter squash were found fresh at the roadside stands.

In east central Washington, the wildfires were out. Producers that lost wheat due to the high winds contemplated on whether or not to reseed because there was poor ground moisture.

Washington crop progress:

Spring wheat harvested:
94% this week
87% last week
90% last year
98% 5-year average

Winter wheat planted:
49% this week
44% last week
42% last year
50% 5-year average

Winter wheat emerged:
16% this week
NA last week
4% last year
18% 5-year average

Barley harvested:
95% this week
90% last week
80% last year
95% 5-year average

Oats harvested:
89% this week
81% last week
89% last year
95% 5-year average

Dry edible peas harvested
91% this week
86% last week
85% last year
96% 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 3rd cutting:
91% this week
85% last week
93% last year
97% 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 4th cutting:
43% this week
25% last week
50% last year
64% 5-year average