Crop progress report 12/22: December brought cold, snow to Washington


Central Washington experienced low temperatures during December. In Klickitat and Yakima counties, the ground had been covered in snow for about a month. Cattle were fed on winter ground. In Benton County, the weather through crop-producing areas dropped into the single digits in the early morning hours. Perennial crops were dormant, and no orchard or agricultural activities were observed.

Northeast Washington also saw a lot of snowfall in December. In Stevens County, there was one week of below-freezing temperatures. There were no reports of flooding or livestock issues. Pend Oreille
and Spokane counties also saw snow, but it was not as cold.

In the heart of Washington, an artic blast swept through and caused subzero temperatures. This was followed by freezing rain and snow, which caused slick conditions. In Adams and Lincoln counties, winter wheat was in mostly good to excellent condition, despite the weather.

In southeast Washington, most counties saw above-average snowfall. In Asotin and Garfield counties, there were a few days of belowzero temperatures, and some livestock losses were reported. Most crops were snow covered, which should help limit crop loss.