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Legislative update 0416: 100% Clean energy bill passes House

By Diana Carlen WAWG Lobbyist Yesterday was day 93 of the 2019 Legislative Session, and the end of the regular session is quickly approaching. The fiscal cutoff (where opposite chamber bills needed to be voted out of committee to remain alive) came on April 9, and since then, legislators have been on the floor trying to pass opposite chamber bills ... Read More »

Crop progress report 0414: Most of Washington experienced significant rainfall

From NASS There were 3.8 days suitable for fieldwork in Washington last week, down from 4.1 the previous week. The Puget Sound and western Washington had wet conditions throughout the week resulting in adequate to surplus topsoil and subsoil conditions. Pastures and ranges were in mostly good to fair conditions. Many producers reported fields being too wet to work or ... Read More »

2017 Census of Agriculture gives a big-picture look at U.S. ag

From ag If you’re involved in U.S. production agriculture, you won’t be surprised that U.S. farms are becoming bigger and fewer and that the overwhelming majority of U.S. farms and ranches are family owned. Nor is it surprising that a majority of U.S. farms aren’t making money, or at least not in 2017. But you may not have expected ... Read More »

Commentary: Farmers speak out on the facts about glyphosate

From the Capital Press Too often, science and facts fall victim to fear mongering and emotion. Recently, we have seen an uptick in false narratives around wheat growers’ use of the herbicide glyphosate. The reality is that glyphosate, the active ingredient in many herbicide brands, including Roundup herbicide, is one of the most effective tools to combat weeds prior to ... Read More »

Groups send food aid letter to House, Senate appropriations committees

From the National Association of Wheat Growers More than 75 groups, including the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG), sent a letter to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees advocating on behalf of international food aid programs. In the letter, the groups stated their support for P.L. 480 Title II Food for Peace, Food for Progress, and McGovern-Dole International Food ... Read More »

State legislative update 0409: House, Senate in serious budget negotiations

From Diana Carlen WAWG Lobbyist Yesterday was day 86 of the 2019 Legislative Session. It was the opposite chamber fiscal deadline, where bills had to pass out of the fiscal committees of the opposite chamber unless necessary to implement the budget. Starting today, we move to floor action until the next cutoff deadline which is April 17 at 5 p.m. to ... Read More »

Crop progress report 0407: Western Washington unseasonably dry as Eastern Washington unseasonably wet

From NASS There were 4.1 days suitable for fieldwork in Washington last week, down from 4.7 the previous week. The Puget Sound region and western Washington had soil moisture deficits. Pasture and crop conditions started to show stress, and some livestock producers were feeding hay even as cattle were turned out to pasture. Blowing soil was observed during spring cultivation, ... Read More »

Farmers cope with floods, trade war

From The Kansas City Star The two grain bins on Bruce Biermann’s farm near Corning, Missouri, could not withstand the strong currents of the Missouri River. With four feet of water pressing from the outside and grain swelling from moisture inside, the bins burst. At 71, Biermann is looking at more than a $100,000 loss. And he’s not “in this ... Read More »

If Only This were an April Fool’s Day Hoax

Reprinted with permission from U.S. Wheat Associates. Original article, published on 04/01/2019, is here. In much of the Western World, on April 1, people go sometimes to great lengths to create mostly harmless “April Fools’ Day” hoaxes. There are many theories about how this odd “celebration” came to be, including an association with the first day of spring in the ... Read More »

WAWG, others urge for removal of funds to study breaching of lower Snake River dams

The following letter was sent to the members of the Senate Ways & Means Committee on April 2, 2019. Twenty-six groups signed on in support of the letter, including the Washington Association of Wheat Growers, Washington Farm Bureau, transportation associations, electric groups and more.  Members of the Senate Ways & Means Committee: We are urging you to remove the $750,000 ... Read More »