Crop progress report 02/24: Most of state saw less precipitation than normal

From the National Agricultural Statistics Service

Western Washington saw a warmer February than usual. There was less precipitation than normal.

In central Washington, operations saw typical February weather, with less precipitation than normal. There was a week of snow, which all melted and helped the soil profile. Crops were getting through the winter in good shape. In Yakima County, significant progress was made in pruning orchards and vineyards, with some orchard removal. Fields of hay, winter wheat, and grasses were greening up.

In east-central Washington, producers experienced moderate weather during February. It was too early to tell if the cold snap in January damaged any of the winter wheat crowns.

Northeastern Washington had a mild February. There were few reports about winter kill on winter wheat and canola, and calving was underway.

In southeast Washington, February brought spring-like conditions with little precipitation, causing the snowpack to be well below normal.