Crop progress report 06/12: More precipitation with cooler temps throughout Washington


There were 4.3 days suitable for fieldwork in Washington, down from 5.2 days the previous week. Statewide temperatures were below normal.

In Clark County, producers were cutting hay when rain wasn’t present. Pasture and wheat conditions looked good. In Skagit County, the weather remained cool and wet. There were areas of ponded water that negatively impacted potatoes and some vegetable seed fields. In Snohomish County, conditions were too wet to do much fieldwork. Some producers completed seeding between thunderstorms, while others had fields with floodwater. Cucurbits, tomato and pepper plantings outside hoop houses suffered severely.

In Chelan County, wheat and pastures continued to improve as ample moisture relieved the area from last year’s drought. The first cutting of hay was delayed. Orchards crops were also impacted with a delayed harvest. Hailstorms and rain throughout the area created some losses to cherries and potential losses for apples and pears. In Yakima County, rivers ran high from rains received in the higher elevations. Apricots were beginning to color and size up. Many hop yards had bines over six feet long and halfway up the trellis.

In Franklin County, heavy rain occurred throughout the area. The first cutting of alfalfa throughout the county was delayed with little being baled and stacked. In Garfield County, most farmers sprayed for rust. Flooding throughout the county caused some damage.

Washington crop condition

Winter wheat:
1% very poor
3% poor
20% fair
66% good
10% excellent

Spring wheat:
0% very poor
3% poor
16% fair
75% good
6% excellent

0% very poor
2% poor
20% fair
73% good
5% excellent

Dry edible peas:
1% very poor
2% poor
10% fair
86% good
1% excellent

Washington crop progress:

Spring wheat emerged:
94% this week
89% last week
99% last year
96% 5-year average

Spring wheat headed:
2% this week
NA last week
20% last year
20% 5-year average

Winter wheat headed:
50% this week
16% last week
90% last year
84% 5-year average

Barley emerged:
96% this week
90% last week
99% last year
91% 5-year average

Barley headed:
5% this week
NA last week
33% last year
20% 5-year average

Dry edible peas emerged:
95% this week
85% last week
93% last year
NA 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 1st cutting:
50% this week
30% last week
87% last year
81% 5-year average

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