Crop progress report 08/15: Dry, hot conditions continued throughout Washington


There were 7 days suitable for field work, up from 6.9 days the previous week. Statewide temperatures for the week were above normal.

In Jefferson County, the weather remained very dry and warm. Crops were one to two weeks ahead in maturity compared to an average year. Nonirrigated crops showed stress from the drought. Grass regrowth shut down, and there were no late pasture cuttings. Crops on lighter soils really suffered. In San Juan County, a little rain was received, but it did not improve plant life. Wildfire smoke lowered air quality throughout the area.

In Chelan County, farmers made good progress planting the 2022 winter wheat crop. More wildfires took over the area and grew rapidly with dry fuels and hot temperatures. Orchardists evaluated their crop damage from previous heat waves.

In Yakima County, hot and dry weather continued throughout the area. A major forest fire continued to grow and approached nearly 17,000 acres. Peaches and other stone fruits were harvested. In Whitman County, conditions were extremely dry. Pasture and crop conditions continued to deteriorate. Seeding throughout the area was pushed back.

Washington crop progress:

Winter wheat harvested:
92% this week
84% last week
70% last year
73% 5-year average

Spring wheat harvested:
62% this week
57% last week
33% last year
38% 5-year average

Barley harvested:
67% this week
62% last week
43% last year
43% 5-year average

Oats harvested:
63% this week
54% last week
37% last year
38% 5-year average

Dry edible peas harvested:
64% this week
59% last week
58% last year
69% 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 3rd cutting:
50% this week
36% last week
46% last year
62% 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 4th cutting:
1% this week
NA last week
NA last year
NA 5-year average