Crop progress report 0809: Good grain harvest progress reported in Washington


There were 6.8 days suitable for fieldwork in Washington last week, down from 7.0 reported the previous week.

A cooler weather pattern was welcome news to most crop producers. Some rare August rains were reported in western Washington. This moisture helped those pastures that suffered from lack of moisture. Livestock were on pasture where still viable. Some stock were fed on other farms that had dried out. Barley crops looked good with dense heads. Tree fruits continued to size up. Cane berries were in decline, while blueberries approached peak harvest period. Raspberry harvest wound down except for later varieties.

In Yakima County, peaches and nectarines were still being harvested. Numerous vegetable crops were harvested and marketed, including tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumbers and summer squashes. Cones were the dominant feature in hop yards as the drying cones took on a lighter green color. Growers prepared to harvest Bartlett pear orchards. Field crews placed color-up fabrics under the apple crop and sprayed other crops with kaolin clay products to enhance a perfect blush on their fruit.

Despite a day of rain, upper elevation streams and springs continued to dry out in northeastern Washington.

In southeastern Washington, weather conditions were normal for the week with warm, dry and mild breezes. The winter wheat and spring grains harvest continued. Quality growing degree-days were reported.

Washington crop conditions:

Winter wheat:
1% very poor
2% poor
20% fair
50% good
27% excellent

Spring wheat:
0% very poor
6% poor
11% fair
57% good
26% excellent

0% very poor
6% poor
6% fair
63% good
25% excellent

0% very poor
1% poor
6% fair
70% good
23% excellent

Dried edible peas:
0% very poor
0% poor
11% fair
64% good
25% excellent

Washington crop progress:

Spring wheat harvested:
17% this week
9% last week
16% last year
37% 5-year average

Winter wheat harvested:
55% this week
33% last week
50% last year
65% 5-year average

Barley harvested:
24% this week
12% last week
18% last year
35% 5-year average

Oats harvested:
16% this week
11% last week
16% last year
29% 5-year average

Dry edible peas harvested
40% this week
28% last week
65% last year
68% 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 2nd cutting:
95% this week
91% last week
100% last year
95% 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 3rd cutting:
35% this week
20% last week
69% last year
55% 5-year average