Crop progress report 0904: Grain harvest wrapped up in Washington


There were 6.7 days suitable for field work last week. Pasture and range conditions were reported at 25 percent very poor, 32 percent poor, 20 percent fair and 23 percent good. A low temperature of 36 degrees F was reported in the northeast region, while a high temperature of 94 degrees F was reported in the southeast region. Statewide temperature differentials ranged from 5 degrees below to 3 degrees above normal.

Western Washington has cooled off with summer coming to an end. Pastures were brown. Grain and vegetable seed crop harvests started a few weeks ago. Some early planted corn was ready to harvest. Silage corn had drought stress in Snohomish County. Those who have irrigation have been running day and night. Those without have stressed crops with reduced yield.

Klickitat and Yakima counties had better air quality this week, despite nearby forest fires. Harvest was winding down for wheat, barley, oats and dry beans. Gala apples and hops harvests continued in Yakima. Honeycrisp and Golden apples were coming in. Vegetable production of melons, squashes, tomatoes and peppers was picking up. The onion crop was curing in the field.

Scattered rain dampened some dry bean harvest in Pend Oreille and Spokane counties. Grain harvest progressed throughout the county. Winter wheat harvest in Lincoln County was completed. Harvest was also wrapped up on the Palouse.

Washington crop progress:

Spring wheat harvested:
88% this week
71% last week
86% last year
90% 5-year average

Winter wheat harvested:
97% this week
94% last week
99% last year
99% 5-year average

Winter wheat planted:
12% this week
NA last week
4% last year
7% 5-year average

Barley harvested:
90% this week
76% last week
79% last year
89% 5-year average

Oats harvested:
59% this week
51% last week
68% last year
NA 5-year average

Dry peas harvested:
88% this week
81% last week
91% last year
92% 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 3rd cutting:
86% this week
78% last week
78% last year
80% 5-year average

Alfalfa hay 4th cutting:
30% this week
3% last week
23% last year
23% 5-year average