Crop progress report January 2023: Work slow as winter continues


Northwest Washington experienced low temperatures and wet conditions. In Skagit County, there was not much harvesting, but animals were in good condition. Farmers were educating themselves to prepare for next year.

Central Washington saw a mix of weather patterns. In Klickitat County, January was warm and wet. The past few weeks were warm and dry, with temperatures stretching into the upper forties. In Benton and Yakima counties, the weather was mild. Yakima experienced roughly 20 days of precipitation that contributed a minimum amount of snow. In crop-producing areas, most of the snow had melted into the soil. The only notable field activity was orchard pruning.

In northeast Washington, temperatures were harsher than in the western part of the state. In January, warm temperatures and storm events brought heavy rain and snow.

In east-central and southeast Washington, conditions were typical for this time of year. In Grant County, producers were starting to calve. In Garfield County, the cold weather may have caused some issues for livestock.