FY2018 funding gets House, Senate attention


Both the House Budget Committee considered its version of the FY2018 budget resolution and the Senate Appropriations Committee held a markup of its FY2018 Agriculture Appropriations bill this week. While the mark-ups were separate, we had similar concerns going into those markups.

The House Budget Committee completed its markup on Wednesday, July 19 with no amendments offered that came after crop insurance or other Farm Bill programs.  However, the direction to the Agriculture Committee to cut $10 billion (over ten years) that was in the original base text of the Budget resolution was maintained.  The Budget resolution will now go to the House floor.

Additionally, the Senate Appropriations Committee completed its markup of the FY 2018 Agriculture Appropriations bill on Thursday, July 20.  The Committee reported out the bill unanimously, and it will now be set for possible floor consideration.  Here again, there were no amendments offered coming after crop insurance.  However, the bill does include important report language supportive of several key wheat research programs, including the U.S. Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative, the Small Grains Genomic Initiative, and Falling Numbers.  The Committee has not yet publicly released the text of the bill or bill report, but highlights of the bill can be found here.