Region’s dams generate clean energy, support healthy rivers

By Kris Johnson
For the Daily Sun News

There are few things – if any – we hold dearer in the Pacific Northwest than a clean, healthy environment. Our state has taken great care to protect the air, water and land through the generations, which is evident in our state’s extremely low carbon footprint and the pristine landscape we all appreciate.

The Pacific Northwest region’s clean-energy portfolio, most notably hydropower generated through the Columbia-Snake river dam system, is a critical part of ensuring Washington is a low carbon emissions leader in the nation and the world…

…It transformed the landscape into one of the most agriculturally productive regions in the world. And, it is a vital transportation waterway to barge hundreds of Washington goods, including 60 percent of Washington’s wheat harvest, worth billions to the state economy to West Coast ports to ship to markets around the world. Read the entire opinion piece here.